Rossini's Previous Chef Joseph Asfour 2008 - 2/2010





Previous Executive Chef and Manager

Whenever our instincts perform impulsively or compulsively to impress others we take extreme measures to fulfill that task. But I am here to tell you that  the shortest, safest, most reliable, most economical, the healthiest and most satisfying and effective mean to reach the climax and accomplish your task is simply stated in ten words or less. "Though good food and drink could impress almost everyone."

The proud member of Chef's of Peace since 1999, Mr. Joseph Asfour need to be known.

Born, raised and educated in the Golden City, Jerusalem, Chef Joseph comes with a packaged bag, just like Saint Nicholas on Christmas Eve, yet Chef Joseph's bag is packed with expertise in "theory and practice" of the "know-how" processes in food, beverage and condiments. His education and knowledge come from the countless training courses in Quality Management for Hotels and Restaurants to Marketing Management, Human Resources Develpoment adding to that courses in food and beverages since 1983 where he developed a style unknown and unfamiliar among other chefs; the closeness of his heart to yours through the fashionable eloquence in the presentation of his masterpieces to your eyes before anuthing else. His outstanding and unique knowledge in French, Italian, Irish, Palestinian and other cuisines make Chef Joseph a uniquely qualified artist of sorts.

Founder of the most elaborate setting of Darna Restaurant in Ramallah, his work for Angelos and the Red Crescent in Ramallah and other localities here and overseas, provided Chef Joseph with knowledge, the source of his power to present to you and place before your very eyes the quality of food you deserve rather than the quantity most people like to see on their plates.

Chef Joseph unique style in the preparation of food and its delivery to your table, will be performed with class just like he did for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI during his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the late President Yaser Arafat of the PLO, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas the current head of the PNA, the Russian President Mr. Putin, US Foreign Minister Ms. Rice, Previous  Great Britain PM Mr. Tony Blair, the late Pope John Paul II, and the former secretary to the United Nations Security Council Mr. Koffi Anan, Mr. Javier Solana and the famous American Actor Mr. Richard Greer in addition to countless number of dignitaries and VIP's.

This is Chef Joseph as seen through the eyes of those who know him, who appreciate style, class, royal treatment, "not in castles or mansions only, but also around a crowded table of friends, relatives or loved ones with an urge to celebrate and enjoy food that is both pleasing and good."